Day: January 1, 2023

Heal the Heartland

by Sondra Wilson.  Updated 2/3/2024.

      I graduated high school from Nevada High School in 2000, and have experienced many injustices over the years both here in my home state and abroad.  Several of these injustices were performed by government officials (police officers, sheriff’s deputies, judges), and no matter how diligently I tried to find legal representation, I never could. Whether in California (where I spent a great deal of my travels) or Iowa, organizations which provide legal support for low-income citizens told me the same thing, “We don’t take fee-generating cases – find a private attorney.” However, what I’ve found is that finding an attorney to help take on government corruption is nearly impossible. Being a transgender woman, I firmly believe, made finding help especially difficult (and frankly, impossible).

     So I began dedicating years toward learning as much as I can about how the U.S. legal system works (and in which ways its not working!).  I’m now particularly interested in spreading awareness about “color of law crimes” – a type of crime centered around government corruption – wherein a government agency or official uses the “appearance” (or color) of law in order to deprive someone of their rights.

    As I’ve been researching, I’ve compiled much of what I’ve learned into a legal self-help website that is now years in the making:  I founded Wild Willpower PAC 2018 in order to broadcast some of the cases I’ve faced and hopefully help bring national attention to them. They are of importance to me because each case has adversely impacted my life such a great deal. 

      Much of what I am referencing with regard to the State of Iowa is detailed in this lawsuit against the State of Iowa I recently filed. After reading the lawsuit, you will have a good idea of why I’m also running for Iowa Governor

    I believe that in order to heal the nation, we must first heal the heartland. This can be done especially through the Urban Gardening Program , justice reform proposal, and other parts of my platform. The programs we model in this state may be replicated in other states, and throughout the world. Again – we must “heal the heartland”.

Thank you.

Sondra Wilson

Sondra’s “London Abroad” Blog

by Sondra Wilson. Last updated 2/17/2024.

   Please follow my blog as I travel throughout Europe from Feb. 9 – April 6, 2024 to complete the first two books within the upcoming history textbook series, The Hidden History of Law.

  • Book 1 – Inside the Library of Ashurbanipal – about the earliest written human languages, the first archaeological evidence of money and the commercial and criminal law systems, the first kingships (royal families), and the cultures who invented them. The Library of Ashurbanipal was burned down in 612 BC, and remained buried beneath the Earth until the 1850s! View preview pages.
  • Book 2 – The Colonization of Pre-Christian Europe, and the Birth of Civil Law –  explores the spread of a certain diaspora of Judaism as it traveled from Canaan to Rome, reformed into the Roman Catholic Empire. then spread across and conquered Europe beneath a foreign legal system.  During my travels throughout Europe, I intend to visit the following sites (it doesn’t have to be them all) because they signify major battles wherein Indo-Europeans resisted colonization.  View previews.

   Please note: helping to support my blog goes directly to me – not to Wild Willpower PAC.  I am here with my school as a student.  Thank you so much for your support!