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#1: Homeless Woman charged >$600 for sleeping outdoors (Marin County, CA) In 2013 Alexandra Wilson was charged with “camping within city limits” while homeless in San Rafael, CA.  The following spring she received a phone call from Marin County Enhanced Collections alleging she owed $548 for the incident.  After explaining the situation to Collections Manager Erica Hellmold Marin County had dropped the charges, years later in January 2019 $610.99 was extracted from her bank account Ms. Wilson claims because she never received a fair hearing her right to due process was violated.   FOLLOW THE CASE.

#2: Robbed by Kern County Sheriff’s Deputies – Lake Isabella In May 2016 five Kern County Sheriff’s Deputies trespassed onto our property and ran us out of town.  We lost most of our property and became homeless.  Most people in our circumstances wouldn’t have been able to compile the evidence and build the case, but we’ve posted everything online.  FOLLOW THE CASE.


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