National Plan:

    We are happy to announce that our national plan is now available as a downloadable PDF:

Wild Willpower PAC’s
National Plan

Petitions coming soon.


Now That
You’ve Read the Plan:

     Below are links to some sections from within the plan, each containing information not available in the above PDF.  The following links show how the plan is made feasible.

Right to Homestead Act:

  • Homesteading Starter Kits  Wild Willpower PAC is  currently seeking to raise $500 so we can order heirloom and native seeds and assemble these kits.  Donors will receive the first starter kits!  To donate email and write HOMESTEADING in the subject line.

Civilian Restoration Corps:

Justice Accessibility Act:

  • www.ReUniteTheStates.orgwe’ve been working on this legal self-help website for years.  Although its got a little ways to go, but majority of the work is behind us now — an amazing new resource to help the public.  If you like it, please consider donating so we can keep it coming together.
  • Educational Programs for Inmates  although this section is not directly part of the plan, we do support the notion of creating a better justice system.

Possible Additions:

    Although these are not directly part of our plan, we are interested in the ideas.

Single Payer Healthcare – guaranteed coverage to every Citizen while saving the average family ~$1200/year.  Paid family & medical leave paid for by a $1.61/week payroll tax.

Expand Social Security Benefits – paid for by lifting the cap on taxable income above $250,000.


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