“The Peaceable Assembly”

     Although Wild Willpower PAC is a “Civil PAC,” Wild Willpower is the “Peaceable Assembly of Citizens” whom  Wild Willpower PAC (political action comittee) operates on behalf of.  Together we are:

     Wild Willpower PAC is currently located in Iowa

Why Is Wild Willpower “A Peaceable Assembly of Civilians”?

The First Amendment of The Constitution of The United States of America reads:

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people ‘Peaceably to Assemble’, & to Petition the Government for a ‘Redress of Grievances.

Before we continue, some definitions:

RedressThe receiving satisfaction for an injury sustained.”
SatisfactionThe act of satisfying a party by paying what is due to him.
InjuryAny wrong or damage done to another, either in his person, rights, reputation, or property.
Grievancecomplaint due to injury, injustice, or wrong.

Note: “Filing a complaint” is considered a “Civil Action“; so is “filing a court order”; welcome to “Civil Law“!

    Some Supreme Court Rulings regarding “powers” explicitly protected at all times in all placed under The First Amendment include:

Types of ‘Court Orders’ aka “Petitions” a Peaceable Assembly (or Civilian) can File:

  • Affidavit for a  Citizen’s Arrest: works on civilians AND public officials
  • Cease & Desist Order: halt the unwanted activity of an individual, executive branch agencyOR other organization (Note:  works on corporate “persons” violating “property rights” including on your publicly-owned wildlands)
  • Habeas Corpus: command that a prisoner be brought before the court to challenge the legality of their custody & demand their release
  • Restraining Order: keep another “person” (including corporate employees) away from a designated perimeter
  • Stay of Execution: halt a judge’s order or past ruling by submitting “unconsidered information” to The Federal Judicial System (Note: the case can be “forced” under a Grand Jury)
  • Notice of Constitutional Question: overturn any statute, code, ordinance, policy (etc.) OR Act of Congress EVER PASSED– removes it “from the books” every place throughout the nation simultaneously

Peaceable assemblies may also:


After working for many years of studying & data compilation in order to build the many sites & publications which make up our organization, we’re currently seeking to raise $4000 to afford to renovate a home base for our organization from where we can self-publish our publications, build cases, and continue building The Wild Living Skills Database & Smartphone App.  Please consider offering a contribution, if able. 

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In Case You Care to Know:

  Wild Willpower originally planned to become a Non-Profit Corporation.  This would have been our mission statement had we chosen to stay that course:Gold Mission Statement

Special thanks to Natasha Lavdovsky for this great photograph from 2011 of Distance wearing her “Feathered Squilk” in-the-making!

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