Wild Willpower PAC is registered with the Federal Election Commission (“FEC”) and Internal Revenue Service (“IRS”) as the first nonconnected “Civil PAC” in the country. Our unique national plan is centered around:

  • helping people live sustainably from coast to coast through provision of educational materials, direct resource assistance, and the furtherance of our housing proposal;
  • sponsoring wilderness skills experts, documentation crews, and online developers to help build The Wild Living Skills Database & Smartphone Appwe prioritize teachers from Native American tribes;
  • modeling and helping to seed Wildharvesting Cooperatives around the nation in order to improve local economies, food supplies, and protect wilderness areas and prevent wildfires.  Learn more.
  • creating jobs which help restore native ecosystems (instead of destroying them) and help improve relations between the United States and native tribes;  For more information, please read our national plan.
  • providing people with an effective legal self-help website called The Public Intelligence Agency.

What is a Civil PAC?

   A type of political committee which operates on behalf of the  Peaceable Assembly of Civilians working to further, grow, and promote our national plan.  Wild Willpower PAC gathers petition signatures and builds and files important lawsuits that would basically not get filed if we weren’t doing it ourselves.  When writing articles, we tend to link legal terms to those you’ll find on The Public Intelligence Agency because we believe it is of vital importance for people to learn to use “the system” to help the people an planet; if good people don’t use it, bad people will hijack it!  


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    All aforementioned content, including all copyrighted content which is used in accordance with Fair Use laws has been peaceably assembled for First Amendment purposes, & is solely owned by Wild Willpower.  All content used in accordance with Fair Use is owned by their respective authors.  According to section 101 of the U.S. Copyright Act of 1976 (17 U.S.C. 408), registration of a work with the Copyright Office is not a prerequisite for copyright protection.[1]  Content throughout our sites may not be used without written permission by Wild Willpower PAC (Distance@WildWillpower.org) except for the purposes of promotion of Wild Willpower as an organization.  Thank you for reading through our work.  Truly, your support means a great deal to our team.  We are solely funded at this time by the few people who take the time to support the cause.


Wild Willpower

Nelson Mandela make others free  Thank you www.InspirationBoost.com for sharing this exceptional commemorative quote by Nelson Mandela that we’re utilizing thanks to Fair Use!


[1]:  “Registration of a work with the Copyright Office is not a prerequisite for copyright protection”: U.S. Copyright Office – Copyright Law: Chapter 4 : https://www.copyright.gov/title17/92chap4.html#408

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