We’re technically two organizations teamed up together, a “Peaceable Assembly of Civilians” (“Peaceable Assembly”), & also a “Civil PAC” called “Wild Willpower PAC“.

      A Civil PAC can receive Campaign Contributions just like any other type of Political Action Committee (“PAC”), however that’s not the only way to Get Involved.   We recently received our registration packet from the Federal Elections Commission, & we’ll soon officially register as the country’s first Civil PAC

     Wild Willpower PAC allocates vital resources to the Peaceable Assemble, who helps to perform extensive & vital work.  In summary, much of our work includes building & filing large lawsuits, building The Wild Living Skills Database & Smartphone App, & continuing to do the labor and logistics work described throughout our platform.

     Here’s a fairly ridiculous-looking, but accurate flowchart you can click to enlarge, or scroll down to view our work.

Wild Willpower wide flow chart

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    All aforementioned content, including all copyrighted content which is used in accordance with Fair Use laws has been peaceably assembled for First Amendment purposes, & is solely owned by Wild Willpower.  All content used in accordance with Fair Use is owned by their respective authors.  According to section 101 of the U.S. Copyright Act of 1976 (17 U.S.C. 408), registration of a work with the Copyright Office is not a prerequisite for copyright protection.[1]  Content throughout our sites may not be used without written permission by Wild Willpower PAC (Distance@WildWillpower.org) except for the purposes of promotion of Wild Willpower as an organization.  Thank you for reading through our work.  Truly, your support means a great deal to our team.  We are solely funded at this time by the few people who take the time to support the cause.


Wild Willpower

Nelson Mandela make others free  Thank you www.InspirationBoost.com for sharing this exceptional commemorative quote by Nelson Mandela that we’re utilizing thanks to Fair Use!


[1]:  “Registration of a work with the Copyright Office is not a prerequisite for copyright protection”: U.S. Copyright Office – Copyright Law: Chapter 4 : https://www.copyright.gov/title17/92chap4.html#408

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