Cases in Progress:

by Sondra Wilson. Updated 11/28/2022.

     Over the years, I have found that – when an injustice occurs – finding legal assistance or media coverage can be difficult-to-impossible to find.  For the most part you’re on your own.  This can especially be the case when a color of law crime (crimes by public officials) or malicious prosecution (e.g. abuse of discretion) occurs.

       Although I would eventually like to design a website where people can post their cases and casework publicly so people can follow them, ask questions, and provide relevant information, for now I’m posting the injustices I’ve personally experienced – in context with the law – and providing live updates for each case below.  

     Throughout the articles, you will encounter legal terms found in nearly any standard law dictionary.  Most of these terms are linked to, where you will find definitions, statutes, and other relevant information compiled to help you really learn what all this means in context with the law.  

Injustices in Iowa:

      These Iowa cases are the most relevant “right now” because I live in Iowa and am currently being injuriously affected these unresolved issues.  Additionally, Wild Willpower is campaigning to enact these justice reforms for the State of Iowa.  Iowa cases:


    While the following cases are important, they are currently on the backburner (except for the Kern County case) because I am currently in survival mode:


Homeless Woman charged >$600 for sleeping outdoors (Marin County)

Robbed by Kern County Sheriff’s Deputies (Lake Isabella)

Injustice in North Dakota:

Class Action Lawsuit for Water Protectors

Injustice in Utah:

Utah Judge accused of Extortion and Racketeering

About Lady Justice:
Why is Lady Justice blindfolded?
Interpretation by Sondra Wilson:

     The image of Lady Justice, featured at the top of this page, is from article, Speaking of Allegory by David Scott.  Wild Willpower is utilizing the image for First Amendment, and therefore it is protected according by fair use.

     First off – I love that word, “allegory”.  As I like to say – “Tis better to use allegory than to get all gory!

     Notice Lady Justice is blindfolded while holding the scales: this is because physical evidence (aka paperwork) “holds more weight” than that which one can hear.  Unless you are surrounded by honest court administrators, your verbal testimony may not have the lasting impact you think it should – especially if the opposing side enters an affidavit into the docket: their physical paperwork documenting their sworn testimony may cause you to lose the case when weighed against 

      While this isn’t fair, I’m broadcasting it because I’m tired of people being deceived, manipulated, and treated unjustly through the courts.

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