Day: January 7, 2023

Help People Live Sustainably

     We here at Wild Willpower believe “helping people live sustainably” should be one of America’s top priorities.  We want to see more gardens, less food waste, and more freedom.  Because “researching permaculture techniques”, however, is time consuming and tedious, we’re creating  Homesteading Starter Kits which go hand-in-hand with our national plan.

     Homesteading Starter Kits are designed to make “living sustainably” a much simpler process for experienced gardeners and for people who “lack the green thumb”.  These kits contain heirloom & native seed packets pre-packaged with their companion plants (plants which require similar growing conditions or which grow particularly well together) and instructions for “the most efficient gardening techniques in the world“.   Some kits include:

Benefits of an
En Masse Homesteading Movement:

  • improve local food supplies.
  • stop landfills from growing because “gardens aren’t wrapped in garbage”.
  • provide families the opportunity to live self-sufficient, healthy lives.
  • reduce dependence on welfare programs (and thus, to reduce taxes).
  • transition away from an ecologically-destructive food supply which is dependent upon the subjugation & abuse of animals.

#2.)  Clean Energy Inventions:

Thank you to Saboteur365 for this great commemorative graphic we’re using in accordance with Fair Use.

#3.) “Simple-Tech” Home Improvement:

#4.)  Organizations Currently Involved with Ecological Restoration


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Legal Self-Help is being designed to make learning and accessing the U.S. and state justice systems much more  accessible for the average person. 
The publicly-accessible database contains:
  • thousands of legal term definitions organized by category.  The site only uses federally-recommended law dictionaries and other credible sources, so you know the information is legit.  Whenever you encounter a legal term inside of another legal term’s definition, that term is hyperlinked – just click on it to learn the definition for that term as well.  Compare the simplicity this website to opening up any law dictionary – you’ll find the website much more user-friendly.
  • Federal Rules of Procedure simplified – this section of the website untangles the very-confusing Federal Rules of Procedure, and turns them into a DIY step-by-step walkthrough – including attaching direct links to court forms from in places where they are needed. 
  • a section on holding public officials accountable – we here at Wild Willpower believe that by the time students graduate high school, they should know “what to do” if an officer or public official violates their rights – or if anyone hurts them!  How to perform records requests, how and where to file claims, how and where to file complaint forms, and the basics of effectively representing yourself in court.  While we are working to map this and make it available on the site, Wild Willpower is also advocating that “jurisprudence should be taught in high schools” as part of our stance on justice reform.

What we need to finish the site:

    While a great deal has been done – the core of the website is built – there are still many pages which are unfinished.  Wild Willpower PAC is seeking individuals who “want” this site to be finished.  Our staff will help train you to help us organize the rest of the website.  If you don’t have time to help build the site – but you want to see this tool be made available to the public, Wild Willpower PAC is currently seeking monthly sponsors (anything from $5/month and up). 

    To help build the site or to sponsor our hard-working volunteers, contact [email protected] and write PUBLIC INTELLIGENCE in the subject line.

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Wild Living Skills

        The Wild Living Skills Database & Smartphone App (© 2011) is a new piece of technology that is in-the-making which will soon enable people to:


     Downloadable PDF explains everything about this new in-the-making piece of technology on

The Wild Living Skills Database & Smartphone App by Wild Willpower


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