Justice Reforms:

       When “one side knows courtroom procedure” (the prosecutor), while the person who is  falsely accused of a crime (the  Defendant) does notoften the person who is falsely accused becomes victim to what is known as a color of law crime.  We call this type of scenario a form of “Courtroom Abuse“. 

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     Another type of “courtroom abuse” is when a civilian, who has not commit a crime nor given probable cause for an officer to suspect such, is shot & killed by an officer.  Then the state chooses not to hold the officer accountable.   This often leads to public outrage including protests, causing things to escalate, endangering both officers and civilians!

    What people need to know is that they personally can build a case & file a lawsuit against the officer(s) &/or agency using the Federal Rules of Procedure.  Wild Willpower PAC has been working diligently  to teach everything people need to know about the U.S. legal system via compiling


      When people know how the system works, communities will begin “stacking evidence”, filing paperwork in proper order, & going on the offense in court to ascertain the Redress they’re seeking.

    We propose the following justice reforms.  Please read each section & sign the Petition associated with each:


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