Robbed by Kern County Sheriff’s Deputies

By Alexandra Wilson (updated 10/10/2019)

     Kevin and I are currently located outside of California as we finish building our case and work to get back on our feet.  May 11, 2016 we lost  thousands of dollars worth of personal property and our home, and had our organization sabotaged via an unwarranted forcible entry and detainer by five Kern County Sheriff’s Deputies and an unidentified code compliance inspector.

     We lived at 2232 Commercial Ave in Lake Isabella,  CA approximately 7 months prior to the incident, and were in the process of acquiring title by prescription in accordance with 1 CIV §§ 1000-1007 and several standing case rulings.  Although due process and 2 CCP § 318 requires an action for the recovery of real property to be filed by a record owner, no such action was filed.  Instead officers trespassing onto the property in violation of violated 14 Pen (CA) § 602(i) and (k).  My testimony and evidence is presented throughout the following PDFs:

1 Backstory

2 The Dilapidated Property

3 Initial Cleaning

4 Filed a Claim at County Assessors Office

5 Repaired and Improved the Property

6 Cultivated the Land

7 Found another Abandoned Property

8 Helped a friend (Rachel) Claim that Property

9 Rachel’s neighbors called the Sheriff

10 Deputies and Inspector trespass and defraud us of our property

11 Officers violated Fraud, Conspiracy, and Hate Crime statutes

12 Officers withheld our Property and the Police Report

13 Rudy and Liz Hemmiger burglarize our home and our neighbors home; Officers aid an abet

May 11, 2016  Following the loss of our home and the majority of our property, we made several attempts to reason with the Sheriffs at the Lake Isabella office to let us back into our home, to no avail.  We called every attorney we could find who might help us with our case.  We contacted the California Attorney General’s Office and the ACLU.  Each redirected us to the same place: Greater Bakersfield Legal Aid, whose answering machine said that they “only do intake at the beginning of each month.”    It was apparent we were not going to get any help.  Feeling unsafe, we fled Kern County late May 2016, heading north to stay with friends, who gave us respite as I gathered together our evidence and wrote our testimony.

May 23-28, 2016 – Our neighbor Ginger Ohumukini and local friend Donna Rose Magerro signed a petition, and attached notes in our favor.  Petition from Ginger and Donna Rose

June 6, 2016 Laura Walters, a local friend whom on occasion helped us with gardening and getting the house fixed up, wrote a letter on our behalf:  Letter from Laura Walters

August 31, 2015 – 

     Two videos filmed on this day documenting the property in the condition in which we found it:

Video #2 Filmed Immediately Afterward:



July 6 – 7 – We left Fairfax then took the train from Alameda to Bakersfield on July 6.  The next morning, after arriving to our arraignment at  the Superior Court of Kern County in Ridgecrest (409 miles total), we found that we were not listed on the court calendar.

Tuesday, Dec. 26, 2017 – I called the Superior Court of Kern County (Ridgecrest, CA) in order to find out why we were not listed on the calendar the day we showed up for our arraignment on on July 7.

Listen to the audio here:


Related Legal Definitions:

     Below are summarized definitions for various legal terms associated with this case.  Click the term to open the full definition (from various law dictionaries) in a separate window.

abuse of process – improper, intentional, tortious use of civil or criminal process to obtain a result that is either unlawful or beyond the purpose for which such process was designed. — aka abuse of legal process; malicious abuse of process; malicious abuse of legal process; wrongful process; wrongful process of law.

adverse possession – continuous, exclusive, hostile, open, notorious enjoyment of real property with a claim of right when that enjoyment is opposed to another person’s claim; the doctrine by which title or easement may be obtained by doing so for a specified period of time. —aka adverse dominion, though not considered an unlawful form of adverse dominion.

forcible entry and detainer – entry upon real property peaceably in the possession of another, against his will, without authority of law, by actual force or threat of potentially employing force.

occupancy – the act of taking possession of something that has no owner (such as abandoned property) so as to acquire legal ownership.

Links to Each Section of the Case:

Officers, Agencies, and Government Employees involved – 

Our List of Reasonable Demands – 

Kern County, CA’s exorbitant crime rate

  • significantly higher crime rates than Los Angeles County for all violent and property crimes;
  • highest number of arsons in state;
  • second-highest number of rapes;
  • third-highest number of murders and non-negligent manslaughter crimes;
  • considered the “meth capital of the U.S.” [2] [3]


[1]:, “Kern County child poverty hasn’t slowed since end of Great Recession, report shows” BY HAROLD PIERCE (6-7-2017):

[2]: California Political Review, “Education Called Last Hope for Crime-Riddled Kern County (More Crime Than LA County!)” by Stephon Frank (10-3-2016):

[3]: ABC Chennel 23, “Murder No Surprise In Meth Capital Of US” by TRACIE CONE and GOSIA WOZNIACKA Associated Press (1-23-2012): 

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