Civilian Restoration Corps:

     Civilian Restoration Corps. (“C.R.C.”) is an upgraded, modernized version of Civilian Conservation Corps. (“C.C.C.”), a historic public work relief program accredited with having equipped more than 3 million men with jobs to solve environmental problems, build necessary infrastructure, & develop trails, bridges, campsites, & related buildings in more than 800 National Parks.  The C.C.C. was paramount in helping to dig the U.S. out of The Great Depression, with projects such as:

  • fighting forest fires.
  • planting more than 3 billion trees.
  • clearing and maintaining access roads.
  • re-seeding grazing lands.
  • implementing soil-erosion controls.
  • building wildlife refuges, fish-rearing facilities, water storage basins, & animal shelters.

     In addition, educational programs helped ~57,000 illiterate men learn to read & write while attending the camps. [1]  The C.C.C. was implemented by the 32nd President of the United States, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, & is often seen as the most successful agency within The New Deal.

FDR build our youth

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     We’re obviously living in a different era, however the model the C.C.C. created provides a roadmap which can be applied today to meet today’s needs.   C.R.C. will employ millions of Americans to create a clean energy infrastructure that will supply the needs of the general populace using the most efficient, ecologically-wise solutions available.

Projects of the C.R.C.:

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#1.)  Provide Electrical, Plumbing, & other Necessary Repairs to and Clean Energy for Homes, & Rebuild Crumbling Roads & Bridges

#2.)  Native Animal & Habitat Restoration (& Wildfire Prevention!) Projects that benefit Tribes and The General Populace

     Paid for via gradually transferring subsidies from livestock & feed crop industries.  Working with organizations currently involved with ecological restoration will simplify actualizing these projects:

#3.)  Plant Diverse, Useful Heirloom & Native Plants throughout Towns & Cities

  • Watering will be automated to reduce maintenance costs.

Millions of Ecologically-Restorative, Socially-Beneficial Jobs:

     Civilian Restoration Corps will make millions of new jobs available which can be applied for at any Department of Human Resources or Labor Division office.  These jobs will help all Americans “live sustainably” from coast to coast while restoring native ecosystems & bringing people from all walks of life together for a common humanitarian purpose.  Communities & businesses everywhere will benefit from this program via putting money into the pockets of C.R.C. employees, who will in turn support local businesses.

A message from Wild Willpower’s Founder, Distance Everheart:

     “The C.C.C. literally saved families of all races from further & compounded suffering during the infamous Dust Bowl.  Although the program brought us a strong tourism industry, however tourism is generally a “service based economy”, meaning it does not produce a Gross Domestic Product.  Civilian Restoration Corps. is a plan to put our country en route to creating a strong, diverse surplus to begin reducing our national debt & improving the lives of every individual in America.  Please consider our proposal.

– Alex “Distance” Wilson

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