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   In an effort to simplify our website, each section of our national plan is now available as short, downloadable PDFs.  Our housing proposal may be downloaded here:

    Curious why we think this is important?   Here is a 4-page handout to help explain:

I Am an Abolitionist 2020

    The Right to Homestead Act goes hand-in-hand with a public works program we’re petitioning for called Civilian Restoration Corps .  Additionally Homesteading Starter Kits and Educational Materials help new homeowners on their path toward self-sufficiency and responsible homeownership.

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   Lastly here’s a relevant quote by Bill Mollison on “making peaceful revolutions actually work” from PermacultureMag.org:


How Many Rental Spaces Are There?

      There are 43,267,432 renter-occupied households, containing 110,175,847 residents [8], and 3,213,000 vacant rental units. [9]  43,267,432 (renter-occupied households) plus 3,213,000 (vacant rental spaces) = There are approximately 46,480,432 total rental spaces throughout the U.S.

“Renter-occupied structures” include:

  • Single-Family Units:  15,194,827 structures with 47,652,188 residents living in them.
  • 2 to 4 Units:  7,777,641 households, containing 19,008,529 residents.
  • 5 or More Units:  18,299,474 households, containing 37,831,895 residents.
  • Mobile Homes:  1,955,026
  • Other:  40,464 [8]

The Vague “5 or More Units” Category:

    Alludes to the fact that there are likely many more rental units in the U.S. than the aforementioned equation calculates.  For instance, there are many units such as this:

Rental building

     The “5 or More Units” category also represents “rental towns” such as Stuyvesant Town-Peter Cooper Village in New York City, where (in most cases) all rent allocated to a single landowner &/or group of shareholders:

Click to Enlarge:
Stuyvesant Town rentals NY
Special thanks to “Blackstone to Buy Manhattan’s Stuyvesant Town for $5.3 Billion” by  for the above photo we’re using in accordance with Fair Use,

Examining The Power Structure of Rent:

     Rental situations such those in the above photos are common, and they prevent people from living self-sufficient, sustainable lives while perpetuating vast wealth inequality.  

Diagram of the Power Structure of Rent:
(Click to enlarge)




[Mathew 5:5, photo graphic from “Militia of the Imaculata“]

Learning from the Past to Prepare for the Future