Jason Baker – Website Development and Online Marketer

    First off, Wild Willpower would like to give a very humble AND loud “THANK YOU!!!” to everyone over at Google, WordPress, Apple, Microsoft,  Android,  & all the educators who work around-the-clock to help peel everywhere to be able to have the skills to make BIG dreams come true!!!  If you suspect your company had something to do with Wild Willpower, please lettuce know, & we’ll add you to the above list with a link to your site:  Distance@WildWillpower.org.

Very Special Mention to An Honorary Hero:

     You wouldn’t be reading this website or any of the websites we’ve been “peaceably assembling” without the patient & caring guidance of Jason Baker AND his guide dog/friend Trish (www.Accessibilitysuite.com), who have collectively devoted many hours and dollars even when their bank account was low to help lift our websites off the ground.  We are all very grateful to have these friends in our lives who are there when we need questions answered or bugs fixed within our technological realms of the organization, or someone to talk to.

Jason Baker & his “seeing-eye pup” Trish: 

Jason & Ground Scout

   Jason has shown patient kindness, professional quality, & a genuine interest in helping Native American people regain their traditional ways with the aid of anything Wild Willpower has to offer, and help share to share important skills & education  with the world via these sites.  He lit up at the opportunity to help when Distance first shared what she and Lonewolf were working on, and he even came down to “Bakersfield and Lake Isabella to come camping with us for the first time in his life!  Jason is very knowledgeable; his research really shows through!!

A firsthand bio from Jason Baker: 

    “I have gone through life being legally blind & having faced challenges head on.  During mainstream school I faced humiliation, verbal abuse, sometimes physical abuse, & degradation.  Having to get up on weekdays to go to school was something that I always dreaded.

    Going to school meant that I would have to face being bullied, being called names like “four-eyes”, & so on.  Trying to fit in with glasses as well as just being a kid was hard to do.  I remember going home every day hurt & dejected wondering when the teasing would stop.  To my surprise the teasing, taunting, & bullying drastically reduced when I started going to The Indiana School for the Blind & Visually-Impaired during my junior & senior years.  Through meeting truly helpful teachers & new friends that were “just like me”, I felt empowered & comforted knowing that I was not alone.

    Going to college, however, was a different story altogether.  The teasing, taunting, & bullying stopped & was replaced with long periods of studying, many projects & groups that I could not get things done (it was hard to keep up!).  The humiliation & teasing soon were replaced with feeling stressed & tired alongside evening classes lasting until 10pm.

     Having graduated college & moving into the workforce had its own set of challenges as well– never mind the hours it took to get anywhere on my town’s bad bus system…  taking mental jobs just to pay the bills didn’t cut it either.  I felt the life draining from me the longer I stead as a deli clerk at a local grocery store.  I knew something had to change immediately.  That is when I decided to start my own business.

    Though starting my own business was freeing & invigorating, I still had obstacles to overcome.  Cheap clients & low-paying gigs plagued me for the first 2 years.  Now, after some years in business, I thoroughly enjoy working with clients.  We have created a worthwhile business relationship based on respect, trust, & honesty.

    As of last year, I have been blessed to be gifted with my guide dog Trish, a 2-year-old black lab.  She is soulful, attentive, laid back, & a loving companion.  We graduated on October, 2011 from Guide Dogs for the Blind after 3 intense weeks of training.  When we first met, it was an instant bond.   Now of course, after having her for 6 months, that bond his increased 10-fold!  To be honest, I don’t know what I would do without her.  She is quite literally a life saver!

    Though I don’t own a car or have to pay car insurance, I am happy to be living in Texas with my guide dog Trish, running my own business.  I truly feel humbled, grateful, & honored to be gifted with the task of assisting others in similar situations as mine.

    As a vision-impaired entrepreneur, I have traveled a road of courage & persistence.  I’ve always known that God was with me, keeping me positive & grateful.  I am now ready to go all the way with my guide dog Trish by my side & God having my back to be a top handicapped entrepreneur who knows how to get the job done!  Don’t believe me?  Well, I helped Distance build these websites, didn’t I?  I look forward to hearing from you & helping to make more dreams come true.   If you feel you would like to work with a website consultant or small business advisor with similar values, lets talk!

Wild Willpower proudly presents our hero who has been there in our time of need, Jason Baker, with The Geordi LaForge Award:

geordi-visorAlso a very special thanks to coresearch.wordpress.com AND to everyone who made all the wonderful & educational years of Star Trek available; we’re using this graphic under Fair Use ALSO thanks to The Supreme Court of The United States AND The United States Veterans & Soldiers!  Geordi LaForge was played by LeVar Burton, who also starred in Reading Rainbow!

ALSO because Jason is such an AmAzInG blue wizard, we’re going to throw in ONE MORE award for “Jace” Baker thanks to everyone over at  Wizards of the Coast AND Magic; The Gathering:

Jace, architect

Go check out some of Jason’s valuable work at www.AccessibilitySuite.com, & please tell him “Wild Willpower sent ya’!”


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