#2 – Native Animal & Habitat Restoration (& Wildfire Prevention!) Projects that Benefit Tribes & The General Populace:

WHEREAS U.S. Citizens currently spend ~$30 billion per year to subsidize livestock & feed crop industries, which have generally

WHEREAS native animals have had their populations and habitats drastically reduced over the years, and if humans do not assist their recovery (at the current rate) they will become extinct,

WHEREAS native animals generally require significantly more acreage for grazing & migration than do cattle,

WHEREAS many of the ecological roles that Indian (“Native”) Tribes perform(ed) amongst ecosystems for hundreds to thousands of years became intrinsic to the health and cycles of these ecosystems,

WHEREAS Native Tribes have had their populations and ancestral lands decimated as a direct result of the expanse of the United States and the conflicts & injustices which arose therein,

WHEREAS devastating wildfires have erupted throughout several ecosystems within the jurisdiction of the United States as a direct result of ecosystems no longer being tended by Native Tribes: for instance, deadwood is now stacked high in the forest instead of being gathered & utilized, and dry, highly-flammable grasses stand uninterrupted for miles where historically patches were control-burned annually in a way which prevented wildfires from spreading the distances and velocity in which they spread today,

WHEREAS many basic survival skills and ethnobotanical uses of plants that were lost to the ancestors of the vast majority of U.S. Citizens of both African and European descent as a direct result of the expanse of the Islamic Empire and Roman Empires, respectively, are well documented and still practiced today among several Native Tribes,

WHEREAS many Native people living among Indian Reservations have been suffering as a result of the loss of their ancestral ways of life,

THEREFORE we propose

Gradually Transferring Viable Livestock & Feed Crop Subsidies to Fund the following Civilian Restoration Corps Programs:


      These first two projects will be accomplished via coordinating with & helping to fund organizations currently involved with ecological restoration:

#1.)  Replanting Lands of Ranchers Who Elect to Convert their Operations to Native Animal Cooperatives

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#2.)  Helping to Develop & Re-Plant The Oceti Sakowin Heritage Trail

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#3.)  Integrate Wildharvesting Cooperatives throughout National Forests, Parks, & other wilderness areas

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     Below is a list of native animals which used to roam North America in much greater numbers prior to European settlement.  Some have had their populations drastically reduced: if we do not do something to help their recovery they will become extinct.  Each of the aforementioned C.R.C. projects will assist these animals’ recovery.

     Click any of the following to learn more about each species, as well as current restoration efforts & organizations involved.  Clicking on any of the following will not close this page.









Habitat Restoration
Processes & Organizations Involved:


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