#4 – Mandatory Minimum Sentences for Color of Law Crimes

What are Color of Law Crimes?

     “Color of law crimes” occur when Government Officials (or others acting with authority) violate someone’s rights using the appearance or “color” of law – thus enforcing unconstitutional statutes, codes, ordinances, policies, etc.   Depriving a civilian of their rights (including wrongful evictions, false arrests, & slander) is a type of non-physical injury known as a “Personal Injury” or “bodily injury”, however due to how a “Republic” is designed, the government does not have Authorization to hold officers accountable unless a Citizen actually files a Complaint & follows the Federal Rules of Procedure to enforce the law. 

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There Are Currently No Minimum Sentences for Several Color of Law Statutes:

Without Minimum Sentences, There Can Be No Justice:

     Instituting mandatory camcorders on officers and teaching jurisprudence in schools should help deter color of law crimes if Citizens take the time to build cases & enforce these statutes, however, without minimum sentences, these statutes aren’t equipped to actually hold officers accountable & thus deter crime.  For instance, although 42 U.S.C. § 1983  authorizes victims to file a civil action to recover damages, when a criminal complaint is filed against the officer, the statutes themselves do not compel the court to sentence the officer.

Minimum Sentences will Increase Safety and Improve Officer/Civilian Relations:

     Government officials who commit fraud or color of law crimes constrain relations between a government & its citizenry.  They compromise the safety of every law enforcement officer and of every citizen.  We propose instituting mandatory 6 month minimum sentences for those found guilty of committing color of law crimes, and in turn we expect government agencies to implement training to keep officers knowledgeable to prevent them from committing these crimes.  Please take a moment to

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