Ashawna Hailey (1949-2011)

Ashawna & Distance first met in early spring 2005; Distance had been living on the streets between Santa Monica & East L.A. for a year & a 1/2, & was hitchhiking to San Francisco before transferring to San Francisco.

A memoire by Distance:    

   “It isn’t hard to remember how refreshing meeting & knowing Ashawna was– & I’m pretty sure that would be said by both of us if she were still here in her Earthly human form.  Not a day went by for my first 8 months on the streets of Los Angeles that I wasn’t hurt in some way.  I had been either attacked energetically or physically & violently nearly every day while attending the Children’s Hospital from 2003-2005.  

   After “aging out” (turning 25) at the Children’s Hospital, I was told that I could transfer to one of 4 cities in the United States, because only those 4 would cover healthcare for transsexual women.  I chose San Francisco, mostly because it was a city that almost seemed like a legendary faerie tale back when I lived in Iowa.  In the South Bay, I would meet a Faerie Queen who lived up to every bit of that legend:

   Ashawna Hailey; Queen of the Faeries who helped our dreams come true!

Ashawna Hailey went to the spirit world on October 14, 2011 & thanks to her aid & unique gifts of guidance to Distance, Wild Willpower has been made possible.  

“Thank you, Ashawna, for all the beautiful & bountiful things you helped bring into the world & for believing in me & many others.  I Love You & I miss you dearly.”


– Distance                        

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