Involved Parties

     This page is continued from About Wild Willpower >>>> Cases in Progress >>>> Wild Willpower PAC Robbed by Kern County Sheriff’s Deputies in Lake Isabella, CA:


JOHN J ROSS and CHERYL C ROSS – registered as the record owners of 2232 Commercial Ave. at the time we gained occupancy; neither filed an action for the recovery of real property, nor were we shown any evidence by officers that they filed a complaint against us.

  • record owner – the owner of real estate or other property (e.g. stocks, bonds) at the time of question according to public or corporate records. — aka owner of record.

Kern County Officials – 

Hector Ruiz:

Neighbors who Robbed Us:

     Following the forcible entry and detainer, followed by the false arrestsRudy and Liz Hemminger – neighbors located across the street at 2301 Commercial Ave.

Kern Cty. District Attorney – abuse of process

  • abuse of process – improper, intentional, tortious use of civil or criminal process to obtain a result that is either unlawful or beyond the purpose for which such process was designed. — aka abuse of legal process; malicious abuse of process; malicious abuse of legal process; wrongful process; wrongful process of law.

Learning from the Past to Prepare for the Future