Sponsor Native Teachers to Train Wildharvesting Cooperatives

   From 2013-2016 we developed Kern River Wildharvesting Cooperative as a model to teach how The Wild Living Skills Database & Smartphone App can be used to coordinate with Forest Officials in order to legally harvest all sorts of forest products in a way which:

Some products include:

1.)  Highly-Nutritious Acorn Flour & Oil

3 acorns

2.)  Buckeye Nut flour

  • Caution!  Buckeye nuts are poisonous when eaten raw due to the chemical aesculin present throughout the tree!

  • Buckeye nut flour has been a mainstay food for people around the world for hundreds of years, & can be processed into a highly-nutritious, starchy flour similar to potato flour.

  • Buckeye trees produce 4.4 tons of nuts per acre!

  • Buckeye nuts are much larger than most nuts currently sold on the U.S. market.

Buckeye nut

3.)  Pine nuts, pollen, & oil

  • Currently shipped in from China & Russia in markets, although they grow coast-to-coast throughout the U.S.

  • Nuts edible raw or toasted, and can be pressed for oil.


Pine Nuts


  • The pollen from the catkins is high is 30% its weight in protein & contains a wide variety of minerals & nutrients.

Pine Pollen

4.)  Red Desert Rice aka Indian Rice Grass

 Rice that doesn’t require boatloads of water to grow!?!?!  Its a “save the world food”!!!

red desert rice

5.)  Golden Chia Seeds

  • high in protein, omega-3, & antioxidants.

  • grows in 7 U.S. states! 

  • Golden Chia Seeds are currently not available in stores: Black Chia Seeds {Salvia hispanica} are imported from South America.

    Richard Lonewolf on Golden Chia Seeds:

6.)  Sycamore Syrup

  • similar to maple syrup, but tastes more like butterscotch & honey.

  • Just like Maple syrup, Sycamores make yummy syrup without even harming the tree.  Its “the west coast syrup”!!

     Many more forest products can be found throughout www.WIldLivingSkills.org, with many more to be featured throughout the page soon.  Always use Positive-Impact Harvesting Techniques whenever harvesting.

     Wildharvesting Cooperatives are to be implemented especially on the outskirts of urban areas to help protect them:

Click to Enlarge:

    Unfortunately, in the spring of 2016 Kern River Wildharvesting Cooperative was robbed & forced to close.

     We currently plan to model a second wildharvesting cooperative in 2018 in a different part of the state.  By gearing up, training, & then documenting “the first wildharvesting cooperative in the country”, we anticipate creating a replicable model which can be implemented just about anywhere, especially as The Wild Living Skills Database & Smartphone App continues to be developed.

     We anticipate prioritizing hiring native teachers to help train Wildharvesting Cooperatives — part of plan to provide dignified jobs for native teachers.


All images utilized in accordance with Fair Use.

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