Coordinate Respectfully with Forest Officials

    Honesty, integrity, ecological responsibility, and respect for public officials are common values that everyone here at Kern River Wildharvesting Cooperative shares.

Teddy Roosevelt educate morals

   KRWC would like to thank for the above depiction of former U.S. President Theodore “Teddy” Roosevelt, & also for preserving this highly-relevant quote!

    Forest officials help protect the wilderness against people who come in with good (or bad) intent, but who cause ecological damage via their actions.  Forest officials help you & your family to become better stewards, & we appreciate them very much!

Ranger Teaching

     The above photo is from Yosemite National Park’s webpage on “Parks as Classrooms’.

    It is important that our choices & actions are defined & founded in (ecological) science & reason rather than being driven purely by emotion or profit motive.   We seek to nurture a healthy, long-term, mutually-respectful relationship with the forest service and our surrounding community members so that Kern River Wildharvesting Cooperative can continue to serve for generations to come.  

Before We Continue…

    Please enjoy this very entertaining short film about The History of Smokey Bear:

About The Permits We Need to File:

Special Use Permit

    Before setting up camp in late June or early August, we’ll need to file aSpecial Use Permit& have it approved by the forest service.  On the permit, we’ll be indicating that we’ll be using Encampment Preparation & Wildfire Prevention Techniques(if necessary) so that we have a great set of fire-safe & comfortable camp sites to use throughout the harvest season.  

Special Forest Product Permit

    Nothing can be harvested for commercial purposes without first filing a “Special Forest Product Permit” with the U.S. Forest Service, then waiting for permit approval.  When KRWC files our permit, we’ll be indicating that all of our team members will always always always use Positive-Impact Harvesting Techniques whenever harvesting (we should expect to be closely monitored by forest officials to make sure we’re living up to this commitment).

    Within the Special Use Permit, we’ll also be indicating to the forest service something that they will be very pleased to hear- that we will be doing our very best…

To Uphold “The Zero-Trash Commitment”

Learning from the Past to Prepare for the Future