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     There are several ways to donate listed below.  Please email if there’s another method you’d prefer to use or if you’d like to become a regular sponsor.

Note:  We just received our registration packet from the Federal Elections Commission (“FEC”), & will file as a “Civil PAC” following some additional development and after finding the right team members.  Until then, we’ll just continue working.

Ways to Support:

Our Fundraiser on CrowdPAC

Other donation options include Venmo or Paypal:

Our Needed Resources Include:

Is Contributing To Wild Willpower Tax Deductible?

     Not at this time.  We will soon register our “Civil PAC” (Political Action Committee) with The Federal Elections Committee (FEC).  We are currently accepting contributions in accordance with Buckley v. Valeo as we are performing fulltime vital First Amendment activity.  We’ll provide our FEC# asap. 

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