Donate a Book – Help Build The Wild Living Skills Database & Smartphone App

      Wild Willpower is building an amazing educational resource – the Wild Living Skills Database & Smartphone App (  Although this in-the-making gift to humanity is currently only a skeleton of what is will soon be, throughout the 2018-2019 winter season we’ll be developing it to operate as described here so that you can quickly (and accurately) identify plants, trees, shrubs, lichens, mushrooms, etc.within ~ 3-5 questions and learn Positive Impact Harvesting Techniques and edible, medicinal, and utility uses for each species. 

      If you’d like to see Native American (and other) teachers sponsored to teach via this important piece of publicly-accessible technology, please consider donating a book!

     If you own any plant, shrub, tree, mushroom, lichen, grass, mold, or moss identification guides or “historical uses” books that are just sitting around and collecting dust, please email or call 415-798-7457 and let us know which books you’d like to donate as an in-kind contribution to Wild Willpower PAC.  We’ll then give you the address, and in some circumstances we can pay for postage.  Next, we’ll work to integrate all the pertinent data from all books all books in our possession throughout www.WildLivingSkills,org – which will be thoroughly upgraded winter 2018-2019.

Thank you so much and
please help spread the word!

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