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     Scroll down to find a list of Wild Willpower PAC‘s upcoming scheduled events.  You can also view a timeline of our history including past events.  If you have any questions, please email Distance@WildWillpower.org or call 415-798-7457.  More events TBA.

Sept 1 Public Disclosure of Our Adverse Possession Case Against Kern County (CA) Officials— After legally taking a neglected property in Lake Isabella, California using a legal process called adverse possession, seven months into our claim, five Kern County sheriff’s deputies and a building inspector trespassed onto the property without a warrant, ignored our right of possession, and arrested us on false pretenses.  Since that time, after losing the majority of  our property and becoming homeless, we’ve nearly finished an initial mapping of the U.S. legal system on www.ReUniteTheStates.org.   We plan to disclose all the evidence and follow-up on the case on July 1, at which time you can view all the evidence here! Follow this important, unprecedented case!  Note: This has been delayed and is currently scheduled for release ASAP!

Sept. 12 (Wednesday) 7:00 – 8:30 p.m.  @Ames Public Library A Wise Path Forward; Wild Willpower PAC Presents Our National Plan” — Wild Willpower PAC’s founder, Alexandra Wilson, to give a tour of our national plan, which will be completely updated by time this event begins. Download the Flyer

Sept. 13 (Thursday) 10:00 a.m. ~ 4:00 p.m. @ Iowa State Capitol in Des Moines “Wild Willpower PAC’s National Plan; Petition and Information Booth” — Stop by the remarkably beautiful, historic Iowa State Capitol building; our booth will be located on the first floor inside the rotunda (just below the big gold dome).  Order copies of our original publications, learn all about our national plan, and feel free to sign our petitions.  We look forward to meeting you!

Sept. 20 (Thursday) 7:00 ~ 8:00 p.m. @ Nevada Public LibraryRepresenting Yourself in Court; An Introduction to Pro Se Litigation” — a unique, relevant, applicable amalgamation of historical and legal knowledge we should have learned in high school.  It’s one thing to know your rights – it’s another to be able to exert them in court in case someone (including an officer) violates them.  If we’re all subject to the law, it’s time for us to learn to use the law in our favor.  Leave this event empowered and ready to take on the world.   Download the Flyer

Sept 24 (Monday) 7:00 ~ 8:00 p.m. @ Nevada Public LibraryAn Introduction to Ethnobotany; Edible, Medicinal, and Utility Uses of Wild Plants and Trees” — Learn to make acorn or buckeye nut flour, or how to purify water using an oak tree (and MUCH more). Nevada, IA native Alex “Distance” Wilson studied alongside ex-military wilderness survival and ethnobotany instructor Richard Lonewolf (Cherokee), California Lichen Society members, and the Mycological Society of San Francisco for many years. Learn species identification and practical uses for plants and trees you see every day. You’ll never look at the wilderness or the world around you the same after this knowledge-packed event. You’ll also learn about the exciting new Wild Living Skills Database & Smartphone App — a new, powerful piece of technology (in-the-making) that puts the knowledge of your ancestors into your hands.  You don’t want to miss this!  Download the Flyer

Sept. 28-31 (Fri.-Sun.) “Lost 40 Music Festival” @ Pleasant Valley Wildlife Management Area TBAView the event page here.

Oct. 1 Our 2018 Petition Drive launches! — Join Wild Willpower PAC online and in various locations throughout Iowa as we gather as many petition signatures as possible before September 1st.  We have nearly-identical petition drives on both WildWillpower.org and StandingRockClassAction.org, and on Sept. 1, we’re taking our petitions to Washington, D.C. via a class action lawsuit: our petitions will help back List of Demands.

Oct. 11An Introduction to Ethnobotany” @ Kirkendall Public Library in Ankeny, IA.  Download the Flyer

Nov. 1 Filing date for “A Class Action Lawsuit for Standing Rock” — from Sept. 2016 through Jan. 2018 we worked relentlessly to create a navigable archive of articles, videos, and photos from the Standing Rock #NoDAPL protests against the Dakota Access Pipeline Project (aka “DAPL”):  see www.StandingRockClassAction.org to view the archive and the strategic plan for which the class action is being filed.  Following the month-long Petition Drive beginning Aug. 1, filing the lawsuit on Sept. 1 will ensue.  Everything will be uploaded via the sites so you can follow the case as it moves forward.

Winter 2018-2019Further Development of The Wild Living Skills Database & Smartphone App” — After years documenting biological organisms and developing Wild Willpower PAC as a host organization to build this amazing new piece of technology, we’re ready to begin a full winter devoted specifically to continuing to develop www.WildLivingSkills.org.  Prepare to be impressed!

More events coming soon!

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