Wild Willpower PAC calls to Improve Iowa’s Justice System:

by Sondra Wilson Updated 11/20/2022.

    Hello.  My name is Sondra Wilson, founder and executive director of Wild Willpower PAC.

   After personally experiencing and surviving a series of injustices over the years, I am finally sharing my story, and proposing a series of improvements to Iowa’s justice system and the national justice system:

Improvements to Iowa’s justice system

Improvement to the U.S. justice system


Wild Willpower is Seeking
Honest and Determined Individuals
to help develop the following two projects:

 1.) The Wild Living Skills Database & Smartphone App:

    Although far from finished, the framework from which the final program can be developed is now live on  www.WildLivingSkills.org.

2.) “Civil Rights Self-Defense” Self-Help Legal Website:

    www.ReUniteTheStates.org is mostly-finished, publicly-accessible database and step-by-step walkthrough to help people navigate the legal system. Contains:

  • definitions for  thousands of well-organized, easy-to navigate legal terms.
  • a special section on holding officers accountable I think every person should read.  By the time we get out of high school, we should know which agency we ought report to if an officer violates one of these laws.
  • Federal Rules of Procedure simplified“: we untangled the very-confusing Federal Rules of Procedure, and turned them into a DIY step-by-step walkthrough for taking a case to court, including attaching direct links court forms from UScourts.gov in places where they are needed.  

     To help build these sites, please donate to our Patreon.

A National Plan to Aid Humanity:

     What good would a political organization be without a

National Plan


The Standing Rock #NoDAPL Archive:

    While we originally planned to file right away, Wild Willpower did not have the resources necessary to do the work required for this enormous case.  For now, it may be one of the most complete archives available with regard to this very important, historic movement.  I am currently a student at DMACC and Iowa State University, and am working toward getting my law degree so I can be of more help in the future, God forbid anything like this happens again (unfortunately we know the track record).  Mni wiconi.

View the Archive


Sustainability Resources

   This section is a work-in-progess.  If you love what you see and want to help develop this section of the website (or donate to sponsor a worker), please email adwilson8@dmacc.edu and write ECO-WISE SOLUTIONS in the subject line.


Let’s Live Better.

Please consider donating to Wild Willpower PAC.


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Wild Willpower PAC

Nelson Mandela make others freeThank you www.InspirationBoost.com for sharing this exceptional commemorative quote by Nelson Mandela that we’re utilizing thanks to Fair Use!


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