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     Unfortunately — as much as we try to avoid it — there are times when conflict arises.  Members of our organization have experienced injustices individually and so has our organization as a whole.  Also we of course see many injustices around the country.  The democratic process can  move very slow, as can he courts, however each  serves an effective means for creating a better future and/or overturning an injustice that occurred or that is in the process of occurring.  Finding legal aid can be difficult to impossible: many attorneys don’t want to stick out in the crowd and sue the city they live in (or sue a local officer) in favor of an impoverished citizen or somebody who lives in a different city or state, and it is because of this fact that many injustices fly under the radar – media doesn’t cover them, and individuals remain pushed-down without recourse or restitution.

    That is why we prioritize suits we believe in and why post our filings publicly.  Several of the disputes below are not yet filed in courts, and if a settlement is reached we may not file at all.  Getting all the details in order is key, so some of these are not yet finished, however you can see where each is at below.  Others will be added, and we will keep each of them updated as they progress.  Click the title to view the evidence:

#1: City of Ames, IA unconstituionally requires Petitioners to receive a permit Our organization is currently being held up by this issue – unable to spread the word, collect petition signatures, hand our fliers, or raise funds for our campaign in the home town of our founder.  GET THE FACTS.

#2: Robbed by Kern County Sheriff’s Deputies – Lake Isabella In May 2016 five Kern County Sheriff’s Deputies trespassed onto our property at 2232 Commercial Ave and ran us out of town.  We were hit so hard by the unexpected forcible entry and detainer we lost most of our property and became homeless.  While still not recovered from the losses, we’re in the process of negotiating with the Kern County Administrator and State of California.  FOLLOW THE CASE.

#3: A Class Action for Standing Rock The Dakota Access Pipeline Project (DAPL) was illegally approved, and when hundreds of thousands of water protectors gathered along the Cannonball River to voice opposition and speak up for the ecological safety of the river, at least 12 security firms, 76 state and local law enforcement agencies, and 9 federal agencies unlawfully evicted the protesters whilst various media outlets distorted or shared a limited window as to what was actually transpiring.  Wild Willpower PAC was on the ground more than a year and a half compiling a publicly-accessible navigable archive to show what actually happened and for use as evidence in the class action lawsuit coming soon.  We currently anticipate a filing time of winter 2019 or 2020.  FOLLOW OUR PROGRESS.

    Building lawsuits is expensive!  Please consider offering a donation to help with the expenses.  We can’t do it without you!  Note that donations will be used in a manner which could affect federal elections.

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