Innovative Solar Solutions

    The following are just a few examples of evolutionary solar technologies: 

#1: Smartflower:

Smartflower Official Website

#2: How to Make Solar Cells using Pokeweed, Elder, or Raspberries:

    A scientist at Wake Forest University has  discovered how to create solar panels using Pokeweed Berries.  The flavonoids convert the sunlight into electrons.  Here are some articles, followed by a “how to” video:

#3: Solar Power Tower:

#4: Rapid Roof Paint for Cool Roofs:

     Endorsed by Frank Schiavo.

Rapid Roof by Conklin Official Website 


#5: Cool Streets:

White Roads Cool Down Cities

This is a concrete solution.via ATTN: Life

Posted by George Takei on Tuesday, July 18, 2017


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