Ingenius Wind Energy Inventions

     Below are several types of wind energy generators

Invention #1
Inexpensive Wind Energy for the Common Man:

Article by Anonymous News, For the cost of an iPhone, you can now buy a wind turbine that can power an entire house for lifetime by Amando Flavio (11-1-2016) – The young company called Avant Garde is owned by two young siblings, Arun and Anoop George. They are based in the Indian southern state of Kerala.  Their wind turbine can generate 3-5 kW of electricity daily. 

Invention #2
Bladeless Wind Turbines:

This new wind turbine is the future of renewable energy

Wind turbine that has no moving parts

Posted by YOO on Monday, March 6, 2017

Invention #3
Micro Wind Turbine:

   Power your electronics with wind: portable & lightweight:

This collapsible wind turbine provides energy anywhere you go

Camping trips will never be the same

Posted by YOO on Sunday, February 19, 2017

Micro Wind Turbine Official Website



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