Yard & Soil Preparation

Step One: Preparation!

First, we’re going to show you some of the best ways we’ve been shown to clear out the weeds & grasses, & till the soil while expending the least amount of energy necessary.

#1: Clearing-The-Grasses & Weeds Using A Scythe:

One of the most effective tools happens to also be one of the oldest tools on the planet (surprise-surprise!): here’s a ceramic “scythe” aka “sickle” used by the Sumerian people around 3000 B.C.:

3000 bc sickle

Here’s a video by An American Homestead showing this amazing tool in use:

[srizonfbvidsingle id=971721976197263]

#2:  Covering Up The Pipelines For Safety:

Safety first!  Here we covered up where the pipeline from the propane tank leads to the house using square bricks.  Be sure to be cautious whenever digging with a shovel; covering pipelines & underground wires is a great way to make digging around in the garden hassle and hazard free:

Covering the Pipelines

#3:  Get Yourself A Roto-Tiller!

Here’s Bill Elzey from Showplace Lawns on “How to Use A Roto-Tiller”- a highly-efficient tool for tilling up the soil:

Learning from the Past to Prepare for the Future