California Statutes:

      This page is continued from Wild Willpower PAC robbed by Kern Cty. Sheriff’s Deputies in Lake Isabella CA >>>> State and Federal Statutes that apply to the case:


CCP §§ 318-328.5 –  specifies that an “action for the recovery of real property” must be filed within five years after the property was possessed (by an adverse user), and the manner in which a claim of title may be acquired.

14 Pen (CA) § 602 – Trespassing

forcible entry and detainer – entry upon real property against the will of one who is peaceably in the possession of such property, without authority of law, via actual force or threat of potentially employing force.

CIV §§ 1000-1002, 1006-1009 – modes in which real property may be acquired (Occupancy).

CCP §§ 1159 – 1179a – summary proceedings for obtaining possession of real property in certain cases.

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