Kern Cty. District Attorney – abuse of process

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July 6 – 7 – We left Fairfax then took the train from Alameda to Bakersfield on July 6.  The next morning, after arriving to our arraignment at  the Superior Court of Kern County in Ridgecrest (409 miles total), we found that we were not listed on the court calendar.

Tuesday, Dec. 26, 2017 – I called the Superior Court of Kern County (Ridgecrest, CA) in order to find out why we were not listed on the calendar the day we showed up for our arraignment on on July 7.

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abuse of process – improper, intentional, tortious use of civil or criminal process to obtain a result that is either unlawful or beyond the purpose for which such process was designed. — aka abuse of legal process; malicious abuse of process; malicious abuse of legal process; wrongful process; wrongful process of law.

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