“The 3 Sisters”: Corn, Beans, & Squash

This page is in the making, & seeds will be available from this site soon.  This page is being assembled as a mode of First Amendment expression to help promote & inspire this movement; all images & information are protected under Fair Use.

Heirloom “Glass Gem Sweet Corn”

Glass gem sweet corn 2

Glass gem swee corn

Iroquois “Black Sweet Corn”

Sweet Black Corn

Good Mother Stallard Beans:Good Mother Beans

Scarlet Runner Beans:

Scarlet Runner

Rio Zape Beans:

Zio Rape beans

Rocky Mountain Bee Plant aka “The Fourth Sister”:

Rocky Mountain Bee Plant whole

Rocky Mountain Bee Plant closeup

Source LYNX graphic

Hausdenosaunee Guide For Educators:  http://nmai.si.edu/sites/1/files/pdf/education/HaudenosauneeGuide.pdf
Photo of Good Mother Stallard Beans:  http://loghouseplants.com/plants/shop/heirloom-bean-good-mother-stallard-dry-pole-bean/
Photo of Scarlet Runner Beans:  https://savorthesouthwest.wordpress.com/2014/12/19/foods-to-celebrate-the-solstice-tide/
Photo of Rio Zape Beans:  https://www.listia.com/auction/12441089-rio-zape-beans-a-delicious-ancient
Photo1 of Rocky Mountain Bee Plant:  http://media.americanmeadows.com/media/content_pages/ami-fall-is-for-wildflowers/rocky-mountain-bee-plant.jpg
Closeup photo of Rocky Mountain Bee Plant:  http://www.artforconservation.org/store/product_details.php?pr=2944

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