“U.S. and American Indian Tribal History; Learn the Truth” – Textbook

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Ch. 1 – Pre-Contact Tribes of the Great Plains and Surrounding Ecosystems – pages 1-55

Ch. 2 – Midwest Tribes’ First Contact w: French & Spanish, Introduction to Horses & Guns – pages 57-89

Ch. 3 – European History, The Union of The Crowns, and Colonization of the Eastern U.S. – pages 91-146 and pages 147-193

Ch. 4 – American Revolution, The Great Law of Peace, & The New U.S. Constitution – pages 195-244 and pages 245-287.

Ch. 5 – 1781-1839; Tecumseh, War of 1812, Andrew Jackson & Indian Removal, Cherokee Syllabary – pages 289-334.

Additional Chapters and upgrades coming soon.

Learning from the Past to Prepare for the Future