“History of Law” textbook series by Alexandra Wilson

      Scheduled for release winter 2019-2020, this 10-book series contains intricate colored maps, photos of museum artifacts, paintings, and excerpts from historical documents – some well known and others that should not be forgotten.  Ideal for use as textbooks in schools and for private study.  Sample page (more photos below):

First money

Historical Events Impact Our Lives Today:

     The series documents money, banking, and the economic system back through their archaeological roots, following early Mesopotamian city-states through the rise and fall of the first empire, as well as the revolt that resulted in the founding of the Roman republic.  In-depth explorations of tribes throughout pre-imperial Europe and North America, as well as a birds-eye view on the American Revolution and the trans-Atlantic slave trade.  In-depth legal analyses of U.S. treaty violations against tribal nations, and each one’s direct link to real estate gains by a handful of families and how this shaped vast wealth-gaps we face today.  The books combine history and law  into a more than a textbook: they’re an exposé of our legal system and how real estate moguls today gained their inheritances, and how they use them it to control politics and commerce in the modern era.  The series is also directly related to the much anticipated  Standing Rock class action lawsuit.  This page-turning series will change peoples’ lives.

      Every page contains source links from credible sources such as historical societies, museum websites, government websites, and universities (exclusive noncommercial fair use copyright).  See preview pages below.  Pages will go through a final edit prior to release.

The First Empire:


Early Written Law codes:

Urukagina code

Urukagina code 3

Origins of Commerce:

Amber road

Early Colonization:

first colonies

To the spread of the first phonetic (from the word “Phoenician“) languages:

spread of language

Origin of Modern Civil Law:


     Here are some PDFs from the various books.  Again these will go through a final edit prior to release.  If you like what you see please support our Fundly campaign to help us finish developing the books.

Book 3 – European History, The Union of The Crowns, and Colonization of the Eastern U.S. – pages 91-146 and pages 147-193

Book 4 – American Revolution, The Great Law of Peace, & The New U.S. Constitution – pages 195-244 and pages 245-287.

Book 5 – 1781-1839; Tecumseh, War of 1812, Andrew Jackson & Indian Removal, Cherokee Syllabary – pages 289-334.

Book 7 – Pre-Contact Tribes of the Great Plains and Surrounding Ecosystems – pages 1-55

Book 8 – Midwest Tribes’ First Contact w: French & Spanish, Introduction to Horses & Guns – pages 57-89

Additional Chapters and upgrades coming soon.


    Please support our Fundly campaign to help us raise the funds to finish the series scheduled for release winter 2020.  Thank you so much!


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