“The History of Law” Almanac & Self-Help Guide

If you want to learn more about the world history & the science of law, “The History of Law Almanac” will certainly “appeal” to you.

     A thoroughly-researched-&-credibly-sourced book with photos of artifacts from museum websites from around the world tells world history through a lens which hasn’t been broadcast till now.

      Each page contains a map, museum artifact, painting, or similar type of evidence among a double-page-spread on the topic & its relevance to “the true story of history”.


The archaeological roots of the economic system:

Click to Enlarge:

First money

The first true “emperor” in history who conquered the Haltamti people & adopted their knowledge & economic system to fit their culture::


The Book Explores Humankind’s Earliest Written Law Codes; here’s 3 pages from some of the “double page spreads” on such codes:

Urukagina code

2nd page of the “double page spread” for the above page:

Urukagina code 2

Another Law Code Page:

Urukagina code 3

Another Law Code Page:

Urukagina code 4

Early Trade Routes:

Amber road

The First (Phoenician) Commercial Colonies (much like today’s “Counties“):

first colonies

To the spread of the first phonetic (from the word “Phoenician“) languages:

spread of language

The rise & fall of Greece and Rome:

jesus & pontias 2

The early martyrs who were killed for testifying for Jesus:

jesus & pontias 3

The first “Civil Law” system:



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