DVD – “The Forgotten Abundance of America’s Wildlands” with Richard Lonewolf

     This hour long DVD by Ethnobotany & Wilderness Survival Expert Richard Lonewolf was filmed in 2012 along the Kern River at Hart Park, California:

     Though just under an hour long, this educational DVD is packed with knowledge regarding many ancestral edible, medicinal, & utility uses of wild plants- many of which you see every day & probably had no clue they were so important.

Here’s a scene from Forgotten Abundance;   Lonewolf introducing Golden Chia Seeds:

On Cattail roots: 

On Soaproot:

Ancient AND emergency fire making techniques:



     He also gives a tour of elegantly-crafted, authentic traditional ancient hunting tools along with insights on how they are made, which types of wood are used, etc.:





On the Cherokee War Arrow:

Demonstrating The Handpump Drill:

Boiling Water in a Potato Chip Bag:


     The above videos are also featured throughout The Wild Living Skills Database & Smartphone App.  By ordering this DVD, you will not only be helping to support the further development of this important tool, but also you will be joining Wild Willpower in one of our other goals: supporting native teachers to help get vital knowledge to people everywhere.  We look forward to doing higher quality, longer productions in the future.

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