How To Propagate Fruit & Nut Trees From Cuttings

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How To Grow Fruit & Nut Trees From Cuttings:

This is a fantastic video by Rick Gunter- we’ve broken down the “steps” he’s given just below– thanks so much for helping us all, Rick!

Step-By-Step Instructions:

  1. Cut a branch which has the circumference slightly larger than that of your pointer finger.  To transport the branch, place it into a bucket of moist soil.
  2. With a pair of shears, cut the twigs (small branches) of the branch all the way to the central branch so that the nubs are flush with the branch.
  3. Cut the branch into several about one foot long branches, being careful to keep each cut as smooth & clean as possible.
  4. Place up to about 8 of the foot-long segments into a one gallon plastic jug, then add about one inch of water to the jug.  Screw the lid on, & after 2 days unscrew the lid for about a second just to release the built up gases.  Leave the jugs in a place where they will get partial sun- like under a shade tree or an awning.
  5. After about 10-14 days, there will be little white nubs or rootlets coming out from the cuttings.  They are ready to transplant into a pot of soil so that about 2-3 inches remains above the soil- most of the “stick” (cutting) should remain buried in the moist- but not saturated- soil.

Growing Lemon Trees Can Easily Be Done Using Seeds:

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