We’ve assembled a great deal of knowledge to help provide universal access to sustainable living resources which coalesce with our national plan.  To “learn to live sustainably”, first it is important to learn about the Ecological History of the Botanical Region You Live In, and about Organizations Currently Involved Ecological Restoration.

Access to Resources:

 #1.) Homesteading Starter Kits:

      First off, the term “homestead” is actually a very important common law legal term which prevents a person who is working to live sustainably from having their home foreclosed on.

     Homesteading Starter Kits make “living sustainably” a much simpler process for experienced gardeners and people who have never gardened before.  These kits contain heirloom & native seed packets pre-packaged with their companion plants (plants which require similar growing conditions or which grow particularly well together) and instructions for “the most efficient gardening techniques in the world“.   Some kits include:

Benefits of an
En Masse Homesteading Movement:

  • improve local food supplies.
  • stop landfills from growing because “gardens aren’t wrapped in garbage”.
  • provide families the opportunity to live self-sufficient, healthy lives.
  • reduce dependence on welfare programs (and thus, to reduce taxes).
  • transition away from an ecologically-destructive food supply which is dependent upon the subjugation & abuse of animals.

#2.)  Clean Energy Inventions:

Thank you to Saboteur365 for this great commemorative graphic we’re using in accordance with Fair Use.

#3.) “Simple-Tech” Home Improvement:

#4.)  Organizations Currently Involved with Ecological Restoration


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