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     Not to be confused with our upcoming events, the below timeline is a record of landmark events involving the formation and continued development of Wild Willpower PAC into the organization we are today.  Many of the initial events below document the journey of our founder, who hitchhiked the USA more than 15 years during the development phase of Wild Willpower PAC.  Additional events will be added. 

Aug. 7, 2002 — Wild Willpower PAC’s founder Alex “Distance Everheart” Wilson left Nevada, Iowa and joined “Yo Mama’s Kitchen” (a bus full of hippies who traveled the country to feed people).  After departing from the bus following the conclusion of Musefest in Ithaca, NY, Distance joined some people she met and rode with them to follow them on Wean tour.  After attending the 10/31/2002 Wean concert in North Carolina, Distance traveled with a woman named Sage to her home in New Port Richey, FL, from where she performed her first long-distance hitchhike ever to Moab, UT to stay with her cousin Rene.  Map of initial travels (click to enlarge):

Dec. 2002 – 2003  Attended Ocala National Forest Rainbow Gathering before traveling to the Hippie Shack in Nacogdoches, TX.

Jan. 4, 2007 — Received an apology letter and $1,500 check from the City of Ames in regard to previous arrest on ____________________.  Read the apology letter.

Aug. 6 – 8, 2008 — Auditioned for American Idol! in Kansas City, MO; ended up making it to Round 3, at which time Distance got very sick and didn’t make it through.

July 2009 — First photograph of a “Squirrel Dome” aka “Dream Lodge” built by Distance at the 2009 National Rainbow Gathering in the Jimenez Mountains (Santa Fe National Forest):

Sept. 2009 – Jan. 28 2010 — Flew to Hawaii after invited by Ashawna Hailey to stay at her home in Kauai, HI; returned to California upon hearing of Former SJSU t Environmental Studies Professor Emeritus Frank Schiavo death on Jan 26 (received news Jan. 28).  View Hawaii photos.

Aug. 5, 2010 — Hiked Government Mountain, AZ in search for obsidian following a recent forest fire.  Finding jet bla, black obsidian amongst freshly-burnt coals proved very difficult, but successful!  View photos.

Dec. 4, 2010 — Volunteered at the California Lichen Society booth at the Mycological Society of San Francisco’s Fungus Fair at U.C. Berkeley.  Documented several mushrooms while beginning to learn.  View photos.

Mar. 13, 2011 — Distance stayed in Keyesville, CA (located in Sequoia National Forest) for approximately a month to begin additional learning and documentation alongside Richard Lonewolf and Randy White Feather, who frequented her camp. 

Sept. – Oct. 2011 — Hitchhiked to Modok National Forest to collect several types of obsidian to use for blade knapping with Gary Pickett and Bakersfield Knappers.  Sept. 28 photos in Mt. Shasta.

Jan. 2011 — Cleaned the property of former California Lichen Society President Bill Hill in Fairfax, CA “in exchange” for getting to study lichen identification with him.  He was a chronic hoarder, so cleaning the property when he left town to find his long lost family in Finland for 19 days, provided enough time to meticulously organize his home.  In turn, this payed for several months’ rent and provided a work space to begin developing www.WildWillpower.org and related sites.  His home became a landing base and respite between hitchhiking travels for many years.  View photos.

Feb. 18 2012 — Richard Lonewolf, Mia Andler, Bill Hill, and Distance Everheart gathered with Petaluma, CA community members to “Save Schollnenberger Park”; Distance helped to organized the event, and made the following 11″ x 17″ flyer (click to enlarge):

Mar. – April 2013 — Began developing www.WildWillpower.org after conceiving The Wild Living Skills Database & Smartphone AppWebsite Developer and Marketing Specialist Jason Baker volunteered countless hours  Screenshot of WildWillpower.org from April 8 (click to enlarge):

May 13, 2013 — First publication of The Forgotten Abundance of America’s Wildlands.

Sept. 22, 2013 — Held a town meeting in Nevada City, CA to discuss forming the first “wildharvesting cooperative” in the country.  The Nevada City/Grass Valley area was thought to be an ideal location for this due to the fact that its a very artistic, nature-appreciating community.  Here’s the flyer Distance designed for the event (click to enlarge).

Sept. 25, 2013 — Decided on the following Mission Statement (posted to website); at this time we thought we were going to register as a 501c3 nonprofit corporation instead of a nonconnected Civil PAC (click to enlarge):

Jan. 10, 2014 — Screenshot of WildWillpower.org  (click to enlarge):

Aug. 31, 2015 — Moved in to 2232 Commercial Ave.

May 15, 2016 — Distance and Kevin robbed by 5 Kern County (CA) Sheriff’s Deputies (wrongfully ousted, made homeless, and barred from recovering personal property) from their home.  Read the full story.

June 1, 2016 — Finished uploading initial draft of testimony including photographic evidence in regard to 2232 Commercial Ave. and our case.

June 17, 2016 — Finished uploading second draft of testimony in regard to 2232 Commercial Ave. and our case.

Sept. 7 – 18, 2016 — Distance and Kevin hitchhiked to Standing Rock/Sacred Stone Camp after seeing attack dogs released on local native people who were protesting against their ancestral burial grounds being decimated by construction workers building the Dakota Access Pipeline Project (aka “DAPL”).

Sept. 18, 2016 – Jan. 2018 — Stayed at Sacred Stone Camp and alongside Oceti Sakowin Camp media team while building an archive of what transpired and a the groundwork for a class action lawsuit on www.StandingRockClassAction.org.

Jan. 26, 2018 — Distance and Kevin arrived in Cedar Rapids, IA.

Mar. 18, 2018 — Distance registered Wild Willpower PAC as the first “nonconnected Civil PAC” in the country.

April 15, 2018 — Wild Willpower PAC maintained our first booth in the Iowa State Capitol.  Handed out cards and introduced people to our national plan.  View photos here.

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