Kevin Byrd, Gardener & Wildharvester

      Kevin has been with Wild Willpower since 2012, when he &  Distance met in Fairfax, California.

    Kevin loves the mission of this organization as he sees the work is important to help peoples’ lives no matter their life circumstance.  From helping people with housing solutions to improving local food supplies to wilderness education to providing educational resources for civil law, Kevin has been a beloved team member.  

     Both he & Distance look forward to finding the right people to get involved with the future of our organization, & (we) have been someone on our own in this “movement” for many years now.  There have been many websites & publications & hardships we have passed through to get the organization to where it is today.

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Kevin Byrd hedgehog shirt

kevin profile

A photo of when Distance & Kevin first met in 201– instantly friends with mutual passion of good will for all!

Distance Everheart & Kevin Byrd

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